Get Back to Work 7

• January 12th, 2008

Where we talk about New Year's resolutions and goal-setting and viciously attack the idea of planners and organizers, with tremendous help from special guest and resident anarchist Alvin Ybañez.

Where we take advantage of the drunken state of Lindy Silo, Dane Ani and Floreño Solmirano to get them to contribute random advertisements and stringers.

Opening and closing song spliced from "Generator" by The Holloways.

Happy New Year and Happy Previous Year to all.


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Get Back to Work 6 ½

• December 2nd, 2007

Where we conduct the groundbreaking ceremonies of our respective Multiply accounts: Farting Poet and Internet Pollution.

Where it is made evident we have too much time on our hands.

To commemorate this event, we have a very special performance from some very special guests, but please proceed this way to watch it, because embedding videos here disrupts the page layout.

You may also just visit Ephraim's Multiply.

Thank you for being here with us today.

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Get Back to Work 6

• November 27th, 2007

Where Ephraim & Jaymee gossip about Mina. And Lando. And the Typhoon Soap Opera they were embroiled in.

Where Ephraim ponders why old people are given embarrassing monickers, like "Tiyo Peping" (90-year old Eph) and "Tiya Ming" (90-year old Jaymee).

Ephraim says there's no better way to end a disaster coverage than to podcast. So here you go.

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Get Back to Work 5

• November 17th, 2007

Where Ephraim and Jaymee talk about poetry and the interrelation of creative writing and journalism, with the help and expertise of Niña Catherine Calleja, Laguna-based Inquirer correspondent and activist-poet.

Where Ephraim shares memories of his days as an emo kid, where Niña reveals her erotic side, and where Jaymee contributes nothing at all. This is the summary of our respective personalities.

Yes, this audio recording took almost a week to upload. Blame online traffic.

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Get Back to Work 4

• November 4th, 2007

Where Ephraim and Jaymee fail at sensationalizing personal and vicarious experiences with the paranormal.

Where Ephraim talks about the ghosts of mermaids and mosquitoes.

Where Jaymee talks about talking to her pet dog and getting ignored.

Where we bid an abrupt goodbye to Sharon Cuneta and the greetings portion. Not that anyone cares.

Where we let go of "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn and John, and welcome "Ay Naku Po" by local reggae band, Mudflow.

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Get Back to Work 3

• October 27th, 2007

Where very special guest Sarita Kare demonstrates how to transform from a laid back individual to a hard-hitting TV reporter in milliseconds, which leave Ephraim and Jaymee severely awestruck.

Where Ephraim and Jaymee lie about what day it is, steal a news report from, and tear their high school valedictorian's speech, with much apologies and shame.

Where Sharon Cuneta continues to usher in high school memories.

Where "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn and John continue to signal the entrance and exit of the show, but only until the end of the month, when Ephraim and Jaymee will be forced to change it because, in a consistent display of unoriginality, Pinoy Big Brother suddenly decided to include the song in their soundtrack.

Ephraim still watches PBB for Ethel Booba and her antics.

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Get Back to Work 2

• October 20th, 2007

Where Eph & Jaymee dissect "campus journalism" with the assistance of their first willing victim, Christian Jay Millena, editor-in-chief of the Bicol Universitarian, the official student publication of Bicol University.

Where Eph & Jaymee also reminisce about imaginary high school friends with the assistance of Sharon Cuneta.

Opening/closing music clips still spliced from "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn and John.


Get Back to Work 1

• October 13th, 2007

Where Ephraim and Jaymee publicize their podcasting ineptitude and [self-diagnosed] high-functioning autism.

It is their first podcast, give them a break. It took them an entire day to do this. :(

[Credits: Opening/closing music clip from "Young Folks" by Peter, Bjorn and John.]